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Initially, the LIG would support up to 2, targets with the ability to monitor up to phone calls and data sessions concurrently, according to a presentation document prepared by Huawei. A second document specified 1, targets with concurrent phone and data sessions.

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The monitoring center would support up to users of which 60 operators could be concurrently logged in. Data was to be stored in a 7-terabyte storage system.

According to the meeting notes, there were plans to expand the monitoring system as the network expanded. The second stage would increase its reach to 5, target subscribers and an additional concurrent phone and data sessions. It would also increase the number of users to , with 80 concurrent monitors and the storage capacity to 10 terabytes.

In short, the monitoring arrangements covered just about everything a North Korean might be doing over the Koryolink network. As users were shut off from the internet, downloading of encrypted messaging platforms was not possible. Additionally, antennas on base stations usually point slightly downwards, limiting the amount of signal that travels away from the earth; channels are reused putting multiple transmissions across the country on the same radio frequency.

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The eventual destination within the DPRK of the equipment cannot be ascertained from the documents. But several reports in the following years mention German-made cellular detection equipment being used by the Ministry of State Security to catch North Koreans using Chinese cell phones at the border.

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Furthermore, the agreement said the number of systems would increase as coverage expanded:. Acquisition and shipping of the equipment were handled by Neweast International Trading Ltd. Neweast was formed in August and closed down in December It is impossible to know how fast these initial agreements were scaled up.


A year into operation Koryolink had 91, subscribers and that rose to , after two years and to just under a million subscriptions after three years. Today there are estimated to be around 5 million cellular subscribers in North Korea split between Koryolink and Kang Song NET, a government-owned operator. But more cell phones does not necessarily mean more freedom of information and communication. In the years following the launch, even greater security measures were developed to expand control systems beyond the network level to the handset level as well.

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For instance, smartphones were built to block the installation of unapproved apps, and software was installed to take random screenshots to record what people are doing on their phones. In most cases, he found that uncovering the presence of those spyware tools is often just a matter of digging through a few subdirectories to find a telltale file--one that often even specifies identifying details of the person doing the spying. Here's a rundown of each of the tools and devices Robinson tested and the spyware giveaways he found. Though he used a collection of multi-thousand dollar forensic software--UFED Physical Analyzer, Microsystemation XRY and Paraben's Device Seizure--to find these clues, a user without those tools can check for the same evidence in most cases.

I contacted all the companies that provided any sort of contact information and will update the story if I hear back from them. Robinson installed Spy Bubble , a program that markets itself as "the world's most advanced cell phone tracking and monitoring system" on an LG Optimus Elite.

He first found that it left behind an installer file called "radio.

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Robinson put Mobistealth , "the ultimate cell phone spy software," on a LG Optimus V, and found that it left behind the conspicuously named file "mobistealthv2. The software's guts, however, were better concealed in a folder called "LookOut.

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Robinson says his phone running Flexispy periodically showed a message warning that "unknown" had gained "superuser access. The only spyware that didn't present obvious clues visible to the average user was Spyera , running on an iPhone.

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The real difficulty in detecting the software stemmed not from its stealthiness, but from the difficulty of accessing the file directory on an iOS device. Using his forensic software, Robinson found a folder called "Logs" including a file called "ownspy. One hint, however, is that Spyera requires the phone be jailbroken.

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