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Take an in-depth look at mSpy, from installation to use, including USER REVIEWS. Read this BEFORE YOU BUY so you know how it works and so you don't.
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Even though you cannot fully protect your kids from communicating with peers or attending parties, you can still keep their behavior within the set boundaries.

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The manufacturer claims that in addition to the above-listed components, new features for this software will be launched. However, in order to start spying with this app, you should obtain the username and password for iCloud of a targeted person. Furthermore, phone call history, notes, calendar and other pieces of data will be available for your examination. In addition, you will be able to get spy reports via an online control panel.

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Installation is straightforward if you have decided to avoid jailbreaking. The only resolution that i will be satisfied with is a full refund. As I can see the resolution is not sufficient. I asked for a full refund from the beginning and that is the only resolution I will be satisfied with. Obviously you have not read anything because you have a cut and paste answer. Why are you so hesitant to give a refund?

Your false advertising products that you can't even support. This text is straight from your website. That is why I want a refund of the Once the refund has taken place then the issue will be resolved. I purchased software from the company and it was never able to download. The company refuses to refund the dollars. The product does not work, and they are refusing to refund the money.

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They want me to pay an additional 53 dollars for their tech help. I am sure that is an additional scam and I am already out dollars at this point. I would like a full refund and for their company to be investigated so they can not scam other people like they did us. Please check it and proceed with instructions on scheduling the mAssistance session. Thank you. Best regards, Billing team. Thanks Hi I initially subscribed to a monthly subscription to backup and track my kids phone. Since I wanted to try out the product.

When I spoke to customer service for help the Rep assured me that I would be able to back up my kids phones. He knew what model iphone we had and encouraged me to convert that into a yearly subscription. He never let on that I would have to get a different icloud account, which if I had known would never have converted to yearly subscription. We welcome you to check it and let us know your decision. Its again telling what steps I can take but it doesnt work that I have to set up a new icloud account so I just keep coming back to the same point as before that.

PLease issue an refund. I am having trouble getting a refund. I am within the 10 day cancellation.

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  • This company completely misrepresents its service. From installation to the actual data that you can see. I am terrified of what I have allowed this company access to as every time I try to search on line I see more and more people complain of what a scam this is. My spyware software keeps pointing them as a high risk. There is no indication within the initial purchase and installation process stating that you would need to wait 24 hours to even see anything from the phone. I feel completely blown off with the clearly fake name on the chat.

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    • There is no real cancellation option other than chatting and requesting a refund. Then being told you need to wait two days to be contacted to discuss the cancellation procedure. If this was a reputable company you should need and entire procedure over cancellation.

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      I further chatted that I did not receive an email confirmation of my request cancellation that was ignored. I have apparently been scammed for along with all the other complaints here on your site. I would simply like help obtaining a full refund of this service that is clearly a scam. Please check it and contact us back. This issue is not resolved. Here is an outline of my complaint: This company completely misrepresents its service.


      He said I would back in 2 business days. I responded immediately and told her no, please refund my payment.

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      Saturday June 15 I received and email stating my request was sent to the billing dept and I should receive a reply in 48 hours. I did not receive a response until today June 19th a full 72 hours later 3 days. This message asked me to again create a new icloud account so that their program could be utilized. I responded immediately request a refund. I let her know that would not be acceptable as I am not paying for a product that I can not use.

      It is clear by their time trying to convince me to do something that was NOT mentioned prior to purchase that this company has no integrity. I just want a refund for the misrepresentation of the product. It should not be this hard to get a refund if the company was really confident in their product.

      Thay should be paying me at this point considering all the personal time spent fighting with them. I started my request on June 9th 2 days after messing with their program and they offered the refund as mentioned about on June 25th. It took until June 27 for confirmation that the refund went through. I have no doubt that there will be some kind of excuse as to why it is taking so long. The final email put the blame on me that I wasn't willing to take steps that were not mentioned prior to purchasing.

      The Basic package is, well, basic. It only has call logs, text message logs, web history, and GPS tracking.

      mSpy – Best kid mobile phone tracker for ultimate protection

      Basic has either a one month or a three month option, while Premium adds six months and a year. The more months you have, the better value it is. You do the math. With any trusted company, mSpy includes multiple options for paying. You can use debit, credit, and PayPal. All of them include a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied. We, for one, enjoy the prices. With a variety of choices. We enjoyed the Keylogger feature, as well as the No Jailbreak option. Sure, FlexiSpy is still the most advanced objectively, but mSpy is slowly catching up to them.

      If you just need the basics, along with some good bells and whistles, mSpy is for you. Your email address will not be published. Market Standing mSpy is currently one of the hottest monitoring companies out there. No Jailbreak Required? Chat Monitoring Sorry to say this, but texting is constantly outdated. Tinder Spy This allows you to see what your target does on Tinder. Wi-Fi Monitoring This features allows you to see what Wi-Fi networks the target phone has been on in the past. Device Change So what if the target phone is lost, or you no longer want to monitor the target phone and instead monitor a new one?

      Security mSpy includes many ways control security features. Customer Service Good customer service is important when it comes to monitoring software. The Price So how much will this app cost you? As of this article, here are the prices. What do you think?